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Yandere Sundrop Moondrop x Fem Reader Bonus Eclipse Main Master List yandere behavior, kidnapping, drugging, possible death, injuries, blood, terror, nightmares, dub-con touch, dub-con embrace, possible torture, Stockholm syndrome, submissive play - Under the cut for length Sundrop. .

Jocelyn Kujo x Male Reader.


permitted development wales agricultural buildings. 80 parts. .


Ongoing. . .

Complete. sundropxreader.

Dec 31, 2021 Sun (Five Nights at Freddy&39;s) Moon (Five Nights at Freddy&39;s) Additional Tags Dead Dove Do Not Eat; Tentacles; Pedophilia; sundrop has a tentacle dick; moondrop also has a tentacle dick; Blood Kink; RapeNon-con Elements; Vaginal Fingering; Vaginal Sex; Non-Consensual Somnophilia; Non-Consensual; Language English Stats Published 2021-12-31.

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Jocelyn Kujo x Male Reader. 11 more.

I got a lot of asks for a part two and for other similar scenarios so I was wondering if I should maybe just go ahead and make a full story for the idea. YN was cursed, unable to speak without the risk of hurting others.

Muzan having a snow day with his family.
You didnt really mind though, personally you thought being totally alone with Sundrop sounded amazing.

VIRUS (Sun and Moon x glitched Rea.

SunMoon x Animatronic Reader.

having no one to call out for you just ran and ran away from the hilichurls, but once you slowly got tired they finally stopped following you. Unspoken (BNHA x Male child reader) 34 parts. 6.

. . . Psycho (yandere simulator x child reader) Horror. THIS IS A PLATONIC LOVE STORY, NOT ROMANTIC BECAUSE THE READER IS A. .


Sun x siren you x moon Great, now I'm thinking about siren au where reader is a siren that HATES humans after managing to escape being basically tortured for months by William. Well, I write for Pok&233;mon in general and for all its characters.


Additional Tags Yandere Sun (Five Nights at Freddy&39;s) Yandere Moon (Five Nights at Freddy&39;s).

by Luc the weirdo.

(HC) what Muzan will do when he saw his daughter died infront of him.

Additional Tags Yandere Sun (Five Nights at Freddy&39;s) Yandere Moon (Five Nights at Freddy&39;s).