) aluminium dome tweeter Uni-Q array that pushes performance to new extremes.

5cm midrange driver) and a 16.

I can get a used KEF R3 with atacama nexus 7i stands for around USD 1. .

I was planning on putting two diy 12" sealed passive subs inside the far left and far right end end spaces of the cabinet.

Seeing how Kef sells the S2 stands on the site as the stand for the R3 speaker I thought for sure they would bolt up to the stands using the four holes on the bottom of the R3.

5cm hybrid aluminium bass driver. . The speaker has a frequency range of 58-28k Hz and a sensitivity of 87 dB.

KEF R3 Meta Review.

. . KEF R3 Meta Speaker Review.

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It still uses a coaxial Uni-Q drive-unit, but this new one has a cone-neck decoupler, a symmetrical motor system, and an absorptive, dual-layer disc, 3" in diameter and 0.

Frequency response (3dB) - 52Hz - 28kHz.

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The R3 costs US 1,999 for a pair. along with the integration of the Uni-Q technology, the KEF R3 truly stands atop all the speakers, bookshelf,.

Oct 12, 2022 KEF LS50 Meta at Crutchfield for 899.
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Tuesday at 355 PM 10 Thanks andybebbs, one of the. 5cm hybrid aluminium bass driver. ago.

Jun 30, 2019 Finally, I do think these are somewhat overpriced. . KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. KEF R3 Meta Review. 5" woofer and 1. .

This is a review and detailed measurements of the KEF R3 stand-mount (bookshelf) speaker.

9kHz. Sep 16, 2021 KEF R3 review.

Even if the drivers were the best on the planet, and the crossover perfect, the KEF R3 Meta would still be better.

They are at least 100 more than I would expect to pay for generic stands of the same quality.

By dampening out extraneous noise, this substance improves.