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so it's possibly memory leak. .
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  • After investigation, the culprit causing this phenomenon is the Windows 11s File Explorer, which will cause the memory usage to soar to 70 or even.
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    Issues addressed in this tutorial high ram usage while gaming high ram usage windows 11 high ram and.

  • For a much better and ideal memory usage management without stripping or disabling new features of Windows 11 on your device, you can try the following.
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    Go to the Startup tab and hit the Open Task Manager.

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    High memory usage when idle windows 11 My laptop (windows 11) is not operatable due to really high memory usage.

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  • After i startrestart my pc, memory usage in idle will gradually increase throughout the day.
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  • In this article, we provide 8 methods to fix high memory usage in Windows 11.
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    At the Process tab, check the usage state of CPU, Memory, and Disk.